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I began painting after coming out of hospital in 2011. Im self taught and in 2015 i held an exhibition which featured 22 paintings. It was a success but 6 months later a very serious illness, that I got diagnosed with in 2013
(perpheral ankylosing spondylitis)  began to destroy my body to the point where I could no longer physically paint. The illness and all the damage and its nature almost killed me.. I was gutted but the fight in me gave me the desire to find an alternative way of creating art

Again I taught myself another way of creation. I now create digital art with a handheld digital pencil and Ipad pro and then I get it turned into physical art.
Many examples are here on website.

Due to this illness and the stages where I am at, my time on this earth is 3 years max, but hey that is life..But all of this is fuelling my desire to create as much artwork as watch this space!!! 

Thankyou for stopping by and hope you enjoy the artworks....thankyou


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